Dercetech. Derceto Technologies.

Inspired by true classics, the company's creativity and drive of making computer games was sparked by an Atari ST and has kept growing with powerful PC titles from the 90's .

Trivia. Derceto is a water goddess, counterpart to Dagon. HP Lovecraft inspired many titles, including Terror from the Deep and Alone in the Dark (hence the name "Derceto").

Products overview

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jemReactor IV

The in-house game engine, evolving since 2010.
From ObjC to HTML5.

No meltdown reported since 1986.

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turboFractal 2.5

Procedural level generator.
Flexible, intelligent and collision-detecting.

Players have gone MIA.

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Reactor Suite

Live game edition tools!
Objects, level design, physics, generator seeds.

What else?

Secrets of Arborea. Daughters of Erras.

Explore the radiated mines of Arborea and face the many anomalies born out of the cursed minerals. Soon, your journey down the mine will reveal the twisted experiment led by Father Erras on the exposed locals.

In a vibrant setup that reminds Rick Dangerous 2's strange Forests of Vegetablia, the game adds a puzzling cross breed of HP Lovecraft mythos and mechanized sentient beings as we've once met in Thief 2: The Metal Age


« ... and I shall inherit the Earth.»

-a random femclock Daughter


B2B. Name your poison.

Be it the development of tailor-made software or the composing of appealing business documents, Dercetech skills are for hire:

  • HTML5 general development.
  • Responsive & multi-platform designs.
  • NodeJS back-end / middleware development.
  • AngularJS web applications architecture & integration.
  • iOS games, engines and libraries programming.
  • Tidy business & functional analysis.
  • Artwork and animation.

Well-kept code, great logic and creative solutions. Get yours today!


Contact. Glad you came by!

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-Jem, master game engineer.

Open positions at Dercetech: